Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 15 - Dinner with The Munster and his mate Mick

Hi Babe,

Rose went to visit her mum over in South Yarra for the night so I went out on the town.

I had a mission. To try and find The Munster or his mate Mick. Best place to look. Carlton.
I had to cruise the street for a while and checked out some of the local restaurants.

Found him at last in a nice restaurant call Crooners Cafe Bar Lounge.

Bob the Biker

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  1. LUV U BOB...But love Tony more...... Tony Soprano that is.

  2. Bob you are now famous... People at WVA are following your adventures, people outside WVA are following your adventures and people overseas are now watching you.

    Bob since you left me I now know what it feels like to have my heart broken... and so publicly too. I just didnt think you would leave me like this. Do you think you will ever leave that Rose and come back? You know I just cant ever be as plastic as her...

    It's quiet here without you... and I had to move office to upstairs as the old office just enveloped me in a sea of memories of me and you playing on the desk together. Now I sit in the thick air of humiliation as people stare at me with their pitiful looks and I hear them whisper to each other... things like "pssst did you know that Bob left her and he has another woman now?"

    Today while I was working just so hard at work trying to keep my mind busy so I didnt have to think of you, I noticed that someone had changed my name plate from Susan Radic to "Sue Bobless Radic"... Oh dear God... the shame of it all.

    Please come back Bob